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Sustainable Energy

Renewable energy an essential element

Where the future lies...

For the past 100 years humans have been trying to make our earth cleaner; dating back to 1927 when the first wind turbines went commercial. Nonetheless, there are traces of discovering the roots of solar power in the year 1839 by Edmond Becquerel. Presently, there are companies pacing hard to reduce their carbon footprint, adopting renewable energy in businesses, recycling their waste and spreading awareness. Being an Electrical Engineer, I am proud enough to be a part of it, where each step contributes to the betterment of our nature and serves more for generations to come by. With the potential in me, I want to enhance the technologies being adapted over the year, with my research on energy audit of India, I have realized how far we are from the desired goals and in what ways we can ameliorate the current scenario of the renewable energy world. 

Wooden Cars
Image by Possessed Photography

Electric vehicles: The Driving Future

Electrification of transportation has been there for a while, with trams, subways and trains still connecting people to their various destinations, whereas automakers want to electrify the journey with their line of vehicles powered with batteries transforming the gas-powered to battery powered to cut the emissions and provide a seamless journey with the same comfort being delivered. Embracing the combination of motors, batteries and converters excites me even more as an engineer and I have a strong desire to pave my way to leave a legacy of this amazing technology. Moreover, my projects on designing a motor and a control model for it made me realize how  charging time and infrastructure is still a challenge and I am very well ready to provide solutions to it.



Good Food Great Memories

Every food has a tale, then I have got a whole anthology. Using my leisure time to cook food and explore the greatest delicacies around, I have found that food makes the greatest connections possible. For me, cooking is like meditation, peaceful to make and happier to serve. This makes me realize the importance of life and gives energy to do beyond my abilities.


Tech Enthusiast

Engineering has enriched our lives with the technology. I consider myself lucky to inherit the engineering skills from my father, to go on and do wonders in the field. Finding solutions about various problems, analyzing in a different way to figure out things on my own and not leaving a mere possibility to get there. Keeping up with the latest technologies around the world keeps me updated about the enhancements made in innovations; right from a new phone to the newest AI powered glasses, staying abreast keeps me motivated to go ahead and keep on learning new perspectives. 

Image by Mārtiņš Zemlickis

Fitness: A Milestone

Keep pushing your finish line

Staying active is one of the first steps towards our healthier life. Activities like these keep me moving and motivated. I face a lot of challenges while doing this, but the feeling of not giving up makes me overcome my challenges and gears me up for my next summit. 

Image by 炫铭
Trading: The Bull rises

The charging bull signifies the increasing stock price of a company, I started trading when covid-19 had hit, a chance to buy stocks at a lower price, not only I started learning to trade, but also analyzed how the market performs, checking the news everyday, keeping an eye on a company's performance which impacted its stock. One of the skills I acquired from it is patience when the price is fluctuating, improved my stability based on the decision making process to buy or sell, how rallies go on over a stock, comprehended spreads and candle bars and what can be the smartest moves when the market is crashing

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